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Blackmonster Night Light


Blankminster Print



Sound Cloud


Contributing to the Vital Infrastructure of Communications and Information

Technology through the creation of and dissemination herein a Visual Language.


Family Pic-Nic

Burden of Love

Mean Green Love Machine

Crooked House

The Tale of Jeremy Fischl

O Splat

Family Portrait

Families Reunion

Shoot Hole Country

Restrictions Apply

Radio Jungle Jive

A Winning Pair

Cookie Monster

Untitled, Oven

I'm Not Cooking For You Anymore, Triptych

When Alchemy Trumps Science, Turning Yukon Gold Into Dinner

Untitled, Greener Gardens

Where the Waters Meet

Baby Don't Go Without a Meal

Stove 2

Stove 1

Job Hunt, My Career is Over

Blacasso Has a Problem

No Way Out

What's More Dangerous, A Black Blood or a Blue Blood, Just Joking

Del Shannon

Always Tasty

Hungry for More

Circles and Trusses

Pie Hold

Twilight Pie

Master's Game

Game of Errors

Game of Consequences

Kali Kulture

Class Trip

Baby Band